We review these great cool-weather waterproof gloves from SealSkinz.

SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gloves
SealSkinz Ultra Grip Review

We would hope that come spring, we wouldn’t have to rely on winter wear to stay warm and dry, but triathlon training in Britain is rarely that easy. Thank goodness then for these brilliant gloves from SealSkinz. Tested while out on a tumultuous ride that featured snow, icy mist, rain, hail and the odd bit of sun, the Ultra Grip gloves shrugged off the elements effortlessly.

Taking a little while to warm up to begin with – they’re rated 2 out of 5 on the company’s warmth chart – the SealSkinz were soon toasty, the merino wool lining keeping in the heat without excess sweat build-up. Nothing made it through the gloves’ waterproof membrane during the exceptionally wet ride, while the raised rubberised dots ensured changing gears and gripping the bars was hassle free, especially compared to thicker gloves.