Exclusive first look at the new Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow triathlon saddle

Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow Triathlon Saddle

The Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow is one of the most radical tri saddle designs we’ve seen

Selle Italia‘s brand new triathlon-specific Iron Tekno Flow saddle has just landed in the TriRadar office and we wanted to share its radical design with you.

The first thing that’s noticeable about the Iron Tekno Flow is it’s weight – just 204g on our scales – pretty much unheard of for triathlon-specific saddles, which are often in excess of 300g. The saddle is also available in two widths – the S is 135mm wide and the L is 145mm.

The saddle has a split-nose design, but the pictures are a little misleading – the nose is only 36mm wide, making the Iron slimmer than any other tri saddle we can think of.

Selle Italia says “the tapered shape of the saddle nose (with in international patent) reduces rubbing between the inside thigh and the side of the saddle and facilitates the pedalling movement.”

The honeycombed rubber section in the middle of the saddle is designed to reduce saddle sore by allowing quick drying of tri shorts after swimming.

Perhaps the biggest innovation is at the rear of the saddle, where an aerodynamic carbon faring extends from the back. Selle Italia says: “The characteristic design of the rear of the saddle prevents the vortex cascade effect which produces turbulence behind the rider’s body.”

The upward curve at the back of the seating area is designed for extra support when in the TT position. The Carbokeramic rails don’t have a huge amount of adjustment compared to some other saddles on the market, but they’re set quite far back, allowing a set forward position.

The Iron Tekno Flow models retail at £299.99 with the titanium railed Iron Flow retailing at a more wallet friendly £133.99.

Check out the gallery below. We’ll have a full review soon.