SiS Go Isotonic Energy tested, rated and reviewed

SiS Go Isotonic Energy


Sis’s latest isotonic gel comes in a remarkably palatable pineapple flavour, which joins the existing range of blackcurrant, orange, tropical, lemon and lime, and apple. The recipe delivers around 20g of carbohydrate per 60ml sachet and being isotonic, it’s easily absorbed without having to glug loads of water down after.

This makes it a great emergency measure on long runs where you don’t want to lug a water bottle around with you.

The packet is easy to get into and the gel goes down fairly easily, being just a little thicker than the likes of High5’s Isogels, but thinner than most regular gels.

We definitely noticed a boost in energy when flagging and our testers reported no tummy upsets while using the gels.