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We try out the SiS GO+ Nitrates Gel

SiS GO+ Nitrates Gel

SiS GO+ Nitrates Gel
£1.90 (60ml)

we’ve always been fans of SiS GO gels, the drinkable isotonic energy pouches. This new high-tech formula shares the same easygoing consistency but is designed to be a dietary supplement rather than an energy-delivery product (there are just 34kcal per portion).

Since researchers first found a clear link between consumption of nitrates and endurance performance a couple of years ago, a few companies have launched products aiming to satisfy the new market for this magic ingredient. Taste can be a problem though, and unfortunately this suffers on that front.

We used it as instructed, taking the gels for four days before a big ride. The riding itself felt easier, though improved spring fitness could have been as much a factor as the nitrates. However, no matter how quickly we downed the gels, or mixed them with juice (as suggested), the difficult taste meant we’d need a very special event to warrant taking these again.