SiS GO Plus Caffeine gel taste tested and reviewed

SiS GO Plus Caffeine Energy Gel reviewSiS GO Plus Caffeine energy gel

£1.79; £53.70 for 30

The latest gel from sports nutrition stalwart SiS is a 60ml concoction that packs 21.5g of carbohydrate and 75mg of caffeine – about the same as a large cup of coffee. Though slitted, the packet is pretty tough to get into on the move, but the gel is a good consistency for necking down quickly.

The cola flavour divided testers; some liked the watered-down coke taste while others found it too synthetic with a medicinal aftertaste. Either way, it did give a boost.

The energy spike wasn’t too severe and the caffeine hit our systems really quickly after swallowing, making it a good emergency measure if you’re starting to flag.