Australian compression sportswear brand, Skins, has launched its new A200 range of garments designed to help improve performance and aid muscle recovery.

The New A200 range looks like a great value addition to Skins' lineup

The new A200 range is aimed at men who are passionate about being active, and could make a big difference for regularly training triathletes, whether at sprint, olympic, 70.3 or Ironman distances.

By wrapping the muscles in a second ‘skin’ and applying the correct levels of pressure, Skins A200 accelerate blood flow and increase oxygen delivery to working muscles, improving power, stamina and aiding recovery.

Skins are the only therapeutic compression sportswear brand whose claims can be supported and verified by numerous independent studies published in peer reviewed medical journals. With its unique ‘engineered gradient compression’, compression levels are engineered to provide the correct level of surface pressure to specific parts of the body, enhancing blood circulation. This fuels muscles by delivering more oxygen, thereby boosting performance.

Improved circulation also helps to reduce the build-up of blood lactate and other metabolic wastes and helps reduce exercise induced muscle damage. Sports enthusiasts at all levels can train or compete at a more intense level for longer and the recovery period post exercise reduced, so they can go again, sooner.

In addition, correct fitting of the A200 range is achieved by A BMI (Body Mass Index)/anthropometrical algorithm, which takes into account the wearer’s height, weight, and chest size to ensure the best fit and optimise compression levels.

The Skins A200 garments have also been designed to wrap and support specific muscle groups. The seams are biomechanically placed to act as anchor points offering support and stability to major muscle groups. This reduces muscle vibration resulting in less soft tissue damage, reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and a decreased risk of muscular injury during times of fatigue.

Skins’ warp knit microfibre fabric is designed to be comfortable in hot and cold conditions, drawing moisture away from the body so you stay dry and comfortable at all times. 50+ UV protection ensures the body is protected from the sun’s rays and built-in antibacterial and antimicrobial functions discourage the growth of bacteria and keep them smelling fresh.
The Skins A200 range is comprised of 14 individual garments, including shorts, half tights and long tights, and sleeveless, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops – all in Skins’ signature black with yellow stitching. Most items are also available in white, ideal for use under team kit.

Jaimie Fuller, Skins CEO, said: “By providing the right compression in the right places, Skins A200 literally get your blood racing. They’re just the thing for anyone who wants to perform better, harder and faster.” is the online home of Triathlon Plus. Save time and money by having every issue delivered to your door or digital device by subscribing to the print edition or buying digitally through Zinio or Apple Newsstand.