We try out Solestar’s carbon cycling insoles

Solestar carbon insolesSolestar carbon insoles

Solestar insoles use a standard carbon base that’s custom-fitted with padding to suit your needs following a professional fitting. The aim is to reduce inefficiency caused by twisting of your feet and increase stability to keep your knees pushing in line for maximum power.

Initially, there’s no obvious earth-shattering improvement. It’s only once you’ve been using Solestars for a few months and then remove them that you realise the level of support on offer, with even stiff shoes feeling a little soft by comparison. We couldn’t discern any actual performance benefit, however, other than the increased support and comfort.

At £245, they cost more than most top-end tri shoes – and make your shoes about half a size smaller, which could necessitate a new pair anyway – so unless you’ve got every other marginal gain covered, your upgrade money is probably better spent elsewhere.