Solestar Kontrol insoles tested, rated and reviewed

Solestar Kontrol ReviewSolestar Kontrol


This new version of Solestar’s bike-specific insole loses the individual fit of the carbon version but also knocks £145 off the price. Each insole is a mix of foam and rigid ‘Black Fiber’ and is shaped to hold the foot in a neutral position to give extra stability and torsional stiffness to avoid loss of power from the foot twisting.

Even though there’s no obvious power upgrade to report, the support is clear and swapping back to standard insoles after testing left us longing for the Kontrols’ stable base. They do reduce your shoes’ interior volume though and made some pairs we tried them in uncomfortably snug. There is a six-week return period though for peace of mind.

If you’re budgeting for more expensive bike shoes, you could be better off pairing these with a less expensive pair.