Our verdict on the new Specialized S-Works Evade aero-road helmet

Specialized S-Works EvadeSpecialized S-Works Evade

Specialized says the new Evade is as aerodynamic as its latest TT2 aero helmet, but also maintains the levels of cooling and comfort expected of a road helmet.

The shape and position of the vents is critical. At the front, a wide mouth port pulls air in across the forehead. A series of huge exhaust ports then creates enough difference in pressure to pull the air through the helmet’s internal channels, creating a constant flow of warmer air out and cooler air in.

The ventilation is impressive at speed. At anything over 18mph you can feel a cool breeze flowing across your head and if you look down, angling the crown vents into the wind, a cool blast is sent down to the nape of your neck. At lower speeds the effect is markedly less noticeable, though cooling is still comparable with standard road lids.

At 314g for our size large sample, the Evade is a pretty good weight considering it’s carrying more material than most road helmets. While aero benefits are difficult to gauge without a wind tunnel, there’s a distinct lack of wind noise when riding. This is partly due to the clever strap design, which gives a simple one-time adjustment for a flush-fitting, flap-free set-up that’s so good you’ll wonder why all helmets aren’t made this way.