Spiuk’s Pragma cable-closure tri bike shoes tested, rated and reviewed

Spiuk Pragma Tri Shoes ReviewSpiuk Pragma


The Spiuk Pragma’s dual cable closures are unique among tri shoes. The Atop dials rotate towards the front to tighten and back a quarter of a turn to completely release the tension.

With a little practice, you’ll have no trouble getting out of them, it’s doing them up on the way out of T1 that’s trickier. The six twists we counted to go from fully open to tight on each of the four dials will take you around half a minute even if you’re quick about it, and the non-elasticated tongue also requires positioning manually making getting into them a tricky on-the-bike manoeuvre.

If the Pragmas had just one dial per shoe and it was larger so that it could pull more cable per twist then you could get them snug in under half the time.
In all other respects these are very good shoes: light (279g each in size 45), airy, very stiff and comfortable for hours.