We review the SRAM Quickview computer mount.

SRAM-quick-view-computer-mountSRAM Quickview computer mount

We’ve looked at K-Edge’s beautifully machined Garmin mount recently, and while we were impressed with the quality, the £40 price tag is a little steep. Now Sram have released their alternative the Quickview. Instead of CNC’d aluminium, Sram have used a plastic composite for its construction. At just 20g it’s nearly half the weight of the K-Edge, and at just £14.99, it’s significantly cheaper.

The K-edge is undoubtedly made from a superior material but on sheer value terms we’d favour Sram’s effort. Fitting is handled by a single T25 stainless steel bolt, a great choice as it won’t corrode and bind in use. The right-angled design puts your head unit out in front of the stem making it easier to see your data without having to look away from the road, and putting it in front and in line with the stem makes the front of your bike more aero as well.