Strava, the social network for athletes, today announces its commitment to being a genuine home for your active life – bringing together indoor fitness classes, strength training and yoga with the traditional GPS-tracked activities which include running, cycling and swimming.

Through Strava’s Gym and Studio Sync integration, athletes can seamlessly track and quantify more types of workouts on Strava alongside their runs, rides and swims. Today, Strava announces partnerships with three industry leaders in the UK:

  • MINDBODY: The world’s leading booking platform for fitness classes.
  • PureGym: Largest gym chain in the UK with 200+ gyms and 1 million+ members.
  • Digme: The UK’s finest boutique indoor cycling and HIIT studios.

These partnerships mean that fitness classes and training sessions will sync automatically to Strava. More than 4 million UK Strava athletes will be able to share their participation in any of the 5.2 million fitness classes and wellness services offered daily via the MINDBODY app. Similarly, over 1 million PureGym members across 200+ gyms in the UK can now connect their account and share their gym sessions and classes to Strava. Likewise, Digme members will be able to share all of their unique workouts to Strava, including indoor cycling sessions focused specifically on music or data, Matrix classes that intersperse running, conditioning and core, as well as classic HIIT and yoga.

Enabling athletes to discover new classes through friends’ activities turns the Strava feed into a recommendation engine for the best workouts and fitness classes in any locale.

Nearly two-thirds of Strava athletes exercise indoors at least once a week, with strength training, yoga, treadmill running and indoor cycling ranking as the most popular activities. As boutique studios and fitness apps rise in popularity and increasingly offer data to quantify their members’ efforts, Gym & Studio Sync gives Strava athletes a way to memorialise more of their athletic lives.

For athletes looking to vary their workouts, the combination of MINDBODY, PureGym and Digme provide a wealth of options. James Quarles, Strava CEO, stated that “Strava members aren’t just runners, or just riders – they’re active in all sorts of ways. Adding millions of new classes to Strava’s Gym & Studio Sync program really drives our momentum as we continue to broaden the activities you can make count on Strava.”

In order to sync accounts:

  • Download the MINDBODY app, click on “Profile” and connect to Strava from the “Settings” section of the app.
  • Log in to the members’ area of the PureGym website, go to the profile page and select Strava in the connected account section.
  • Log in to your Digme account, click on ‘My Connections’ in the menu and click ‘Connect to Strava’ – simple!

To learn more about Strava’s Gym and Studio Sync and see the full list of partners, click here.