We try out Sugoi’s RPM Tri Tank and Piston 200 Tri Pkt Short

Sugoi RPM Tri Tank Sugoi RPM Tri Tank
Sugoi Piston 200 Tri Pkt Short

This two-piece combo from Sugoi is a great value and high-performing set. The RPM Tri Tank has comfy flatlock seams and loads of mesh that really helps keep you cool and dry when training in the heat. The two rear pockets will easily take a couple of gels each, and they’re enveloped for security and aerodynamics. As well as this get-you-noticed green, the top also comes in white, red, blue and black versions.

The Piston 200 Tri Pkt shorts are available in 9in and 11in inseam lengths for coverage right down to the knee. The smooth, thin material is comfortable and the compression effect is really supportive without squeezing too tightly or hampering movement. Sugoi’s tri pad is one of the best – fast-drying, comfortable and non-bulky. The mesh pockets on the outsides of the glutes hold gels securely, too.