Superfeet carbon insoles tested, rated and reviewed

Superfeet carbon insoles


Triathletes are known for our carbon fibre fetish but one place you won’t often see it is our running shoes. We were wary of these insoles, which feature a carbon cap on the underside to add support and structure. Once we tried them, we were pleasantly surprised.

The idea behind Superfeet insoles is to make your shoes fit better and be more supportive, and the Carbon version is designed for low-volume shoes like lightweight running shoes. Trimming them to fit was a little nerve wracking – a snip too far would be an expensive mistake – but follow the instructions and it’s simple.

Added to our running shoes they did offer extra support, felt in the deep cradle for the heel and the slightly raised inside edge. Despite our worries there was no feeling of stiffness from the carbon plate and, although try-on softness doesn’t quite match up to insoles in the most expensive running shoes, they are soft and don’t rub.

Our only quibble would be that most running shoes come with pretty good insoles these days – but if yours don’t quite fit right, or need just a touch more support, these could be a great upgrade.