Looking for goggles as adventurous as you are? Try these SilverSlick triathlon swimming goggles from SwimFreak.

SwimFreakComfort and security are key for triathletes, so SwimFreak designed triathlon goggles with these two things in mind. Comfort is provided by soft silicone seals, keeping your goggles watertight whilst ensuring they’re easy to wear. The goggles also feature easy strap adjustment, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them in place as you focus on your swim.

Advanced technology lenses provided 180 degree vision in every scenario, whilst anti fog technology and a mirrored UV system enable crystal clear vision on land and in the water. Plus, the extra wide curved lenses make these perfect for open swimming.

Our Review…

Love them! Ok, so we’ll tell you why but these goggles are great in both the pool and in open water. For a new brand, SwimFreak have certainly done their research and have started with a brilliant product. The goggles are comfortable, they don’t fog up and the peripheral vision is second to none. They’re great in training and for events they maintain their comfort from the start. Quite often, there’s a moment or two before a race where there’s a need to adjust the goggles. Not with these goggles. Treading water while checking out the scenery before the swim carnage begins has become a calm experience this season. Speaking of carnage, at one particular tight turn around a bouy last weekend, they stayed in place despite getting up acloase and personal with another swimmer’s foot. If you’re looking for a new, functional and great looking pair of goggles, give these a try!

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