Review: Huub Altair goggles

This week we test the Huub Altair goggles and I put them through their paces in the pool.  For the test, I incorporate all the kit into my daily training routine, for the goggles this week I was doing a pool based speed and endurance set which consisted of a 700m warm up with a mix of drills and mixed stroke, followed by the main set of 2300m (100’s 5s above CSS) and a 200m cool down.

Find out in our latest video what we thought of the Huub Altair Goggles in our latest video review.

I have had a nightmare when it comes to finding goggles that I can rely on, more often than not as soon as I push off or jump in open water the right goggle begins to fill up with water. When I have found a pair of goggles that don’t leak, the gaskets create such a lock that I feel like my eyeballs are being sucked out of the sockets. Oh, and don’t get me started on “goggle-eye” for me it’s the trade-off when I find a pair of goggles that and I use the term loosely “fit”.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I have amassed quite the collection of swimming goggles, cheap, expensive and everything in between.  I have found pairs that work for me.

Check out the video above or head over and watch it here to find out what I thought of the Huub Altair Goggles.


Stuart Hall – IG @trimadness