We give our verdict on Syntace’s alloy Racelight CDR 7075 handlebars and Force 109 stem

Syntace Racelight CDR 7075 handlebars

Syntace Racelight CDR 7075
Syntace Force 109
syntace.com / o-w-d.nl

The shape of Syntace’s CDR bars is a firm favourite with us. The distinctive rearward sweep on the tops allows a strong and comfortable climbing position even with tri-bars attached, and the clever radius to the compact drop allows big-handed riders to get a decent grip, unlike some other compact drops which are only suited to smaller mitts.

Both of these features make the CDRs well suited to athletes who seek out hillier bike courses, giving a great climbing position and excellent security on twisty descents on the drops.

We’d expect the combination of an aluminium bar and stem to be super-stiff, but the Syntace combo is actually as comfy as many carbon set-ups. The downside is that while the Force 109 stem is fine for most folk, tall or heavy riders may notice a bit of torsional flex (twist) – something easily remedied by a switch to the more substantial Force 149. All in all, though, this Syntace combo is the benchmark hilly road ride set-up in alloy.