With the Tour De France already in full swing, cycling fever is once again sweeping the nation, with both novices and professionals taking extra interest in the sport.

Cycling turbo trainers are used by professionals training for events such as the Tour de France for targeted training and maintaining fitness. When removing the back wheel and attaching them to their bikes, cyclists can focus their sessions and recreate road conditions from the comfort of their own home whilst on their favourite outdoor bike. Athletes also use turbo trainers to warm-up for a race, with the lightweight nature of the MYCYLING turbo-trainer (just 18kg) meaning it can be transported and set up anywhere before a race.

The Technogym MYCYLING turbo-trainer:

  • Allows the user to train at home to totally transform outdoor performance
  • Combines a hi-tech smart trainer, a native app with personalized programs and a network of professional trainers to guide you
  • Develops a tailor-made training program through the MYCYCLING app, which also provides continuous feedback on the circularity and symmetry of the user’s pedalling technique in real time, with optical sensor monitors that push symmetry between the left and right legs
  • Is designed for performance, each section, curve and detail of the frame having been designed to guarantee optimum pedalling resistance, stability and quality for an unrivalled training experience
  • Received a Good Design Award at the end of 2017 for the design of the product and for the design of the dedicated app

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