THEMAGIC5 are ready to launch the world’s first custom fitted goggles after one the most successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in history.

Take a moment to think of your current swimming goggles.

How do they fit? Have you experienced leaking goggles? Are they uncomfortable?

Since Thomas William Burgess became the second person in history to swim across the English Channel in 1911, and introduced swimming goggles at the same time, swimmers on all levels have been struggling with the swimwear.

Even the most decorated swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, battled with his goggles during the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 at the 200m butterfly final.

In fact, 78 percent experience discomfort using normal goggles, while 69 percent experience leaking googles, according to a new survey by the goggle-company THEMAGIC5.

The survey opened the company’s eyes, and they started the journey to develop the world’s first custom fitted goggles. After more than 2 years of development and testing, THEMAGIC5 are now ready to launch a 100 percent innovative custom fitted swimming goggle for you, preventing leaking- and uncomfortable goggles.

“The technology and design behind todays swimming goggles haven’t developed much since Thomas William Burgess’s record swim. Therefore, we have challenged the status quo. We have invented technologies, re-thought the design and production process of our product – all of this to ensure the best swimming experience for you,” says CO-founder of THEMAGIC5 Rasmus Barfred.

THEMAGIC5-goggle has successfully been crowdfunded on with an overwhelming interest. The company’s goal was to raise 50.000 USD in funding, but a massive demand for THEMAGIC5-goggle helped the company to raise 120.0000+ USD, 240 percent over the original target. Over 2.000 units have already been shipped, across 49 states in the US, 75+ countries and six continents.

That places the campaign in the top one percent of the most successfully campaigns on in history.

“It’s amazing how well our product has been received by swimmers across the world. The massive interest in THEMAGIC5-goggle is confirming the need for a new product in the market. We have launched a product and technology that the world has never seen before. Therefore, of course, we are extremely pleased that our goggles have been well received,” says Rasmus Barfred.

The technology behind the goggle is simple.

THEMAGIC5 has developed a new groundbreaking technology that can 3D outline your face directly through your smartphone on THEMAGIC5’s app. Based on the 3D animation, your swimming goggles are custom fitted to perfectly match the shape of your face. The whole process from ordering to delivery takes about five days.

A handful of pro swimmers and triathletes have helped develop the goggles with intense testing and feedback to the founders. One of them is Anders Lie Nielsen, 2x Olympic Swimmer.

“I am very excited about THEMAGIC5 goggles. It makes a tremendous difference in training. It makes training much more enjoyable. With traditional goggles, there’s issues with how comfortable the goggle is, water goggle leakage, and they leave marks on your face that stays for hours. TheMagic5, which is my preferred goggle of choice now, really solves all these issues. It feels like you’re swimming without goggles as the pressure on your face is minimal.”, says Anders Lie Nielsen.

You can buy THEMAGIC5-goggle directly through the company’s website: The goggle starts at 70 USD.