Token Arsenal C590 aero wheels tested, rated and reviewed

Token Arsenal C590


This pair of carbon clincher wheels from Token comes in a triathlon race-ready package of a deep, 90mm rim on the rear and friendlier handling 55mm section on the front. Token’s AVT (anti vibration technology) layer is bonded to the inside of each rim for extra strength and reduction of road buzz.

The wheels whir up to race pace with pleasing speed and then allow you to hold onto it with minimal effort. There’s a touch of instability when the torque ratchets up under hard accelerations and being closer to a traditional V-shape than the Zipp-type wide, rounded profile, they become quite unstable in crosswinds – though to be fair, few 90mm wheels deal well with such conditions.

The rear wheel is double-spoked on the drive side for improved stiffness and we were surprised by the ease and efficiency of climbing – which, without brake rub, turned all our power into upwards momentum. At 1,053g for the rear and 741g for the front, there’s not a huge weight penalty for the aero advantage on the flats either.

Token’s TgX rim epoxy is designed to tolerate high braking temperatures safely and combined with the company’s carbon-specific pads, braking performance was superbly confidence inspiring, letting you hit high speed on descents without worry.