There are a vast number of rear lights available, but here’s our pick of the latest, brightest and most innovative ways to keep you.

ZELL AM SEE, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 30: An athlete during the swim section of Ironman 70.3 World Championship on August 30, 2015 in Zell am See, Austria. (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for Ironman)

1) Topeak Redlite Aero USB £29.99

Tested weight: 24g

Topeak’s USB rechargeable light is low on weight and is aero seatpost friendly, but lacks visibility. The wedge design is great for tri or aero road bikes. If you’re only using it for an hour or two at a time you’ll get over 12 hours run from a two-hour charge.

It’s proved well sealed through a season of wet rides too. The three angled LEDs inside the translucent red casing are fairly dim compared to the other lights here though, and there’s only a single constant or flashing mode.

2) Knog BLinder Road £39.99

Tested weight: 54g

Knog’s rear light is slickly designed but limited in side angle visibility. The four LEDs sit in a metal casing that’s well sealed and you get a wraparound silicon strap with an alloy flick-over cam to lock it in place, but it’s restricted to round or cut-off Kammtail seatposts rather than aero blades.

The big lower LED is powerful for long-distance visibility, but because the lenses are inset the angle you can see them from is restricted. The four-hour maximum power run time is short considering it takes five hours to charge.

3) Niterider Sentinel 40 £45

Tested weight: 90g

Niterider’s Sentinel is the only light here to create your own personal laser bike lane. The Sentinel projects two parallel red lines onto the road alongside you, which are eye catching for motorists.

The powerful 40 lumen main LED gives plenty of distance reach and various flashing options to make you stand out. There’s reasonable side visibility and the rubber band mount fits a variety of seatposts. Run time is a minimum of five hours from a four hour charge, but the small buttons are awkward to operate with gloves.

ZELL AM SEE, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 30: An athlete during the swim section of Ironman 70.3 World Championship on August 30, 2015 in Zell am See, Austria. (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for Ironman)

4) Exposure Blaze £99.95

Tested weight: 90g

This fire hydrant style light is great for long-range safety particularly if you ride in fast, open traffic. The singlefocused LED fires an amazingly bright beam of light behind you in various solid power or strobe modes.

The top button is easy to find in fat gloves and includes a run time indicator for the battery that will give an outstanding six hours even at the brightest setting. There’s not much side light though, and the mount only works on round tubes.

5) Cateye Rapid X3 £54.99

Tested weight: 52g

Cateye’s Rapid X3 uses two parallel COB (chips on board) LED strips for a ferociously bright 32 point light display of up to 100 lumens. Separate switches for each strip operate various constant or flashing modes that work at a distance on dark country lanes or in close combat on city roads.

You’ll get only an hour of maximum power for a three-hour charge, but low rating is still plenty bright and gives you five hours. It comes with an aero seatpost adaptor and the price reflects Cateye’s reputation for quality and reliability.

6) Moon Nebula £45.99

Tested weight: 59g

The Moon Nebula also uses the latest COB LED technology for ultra bright, 50 point light output that’s properly painful to look at in the 100 lumen overdrive setting. It gives just over an hour of power but there are three other constant settings and four different flashing/strobe settings that stretch life up to 20 hours plus.

Lower settings are still noticeable at a distance and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the articulated aero or round tube mount, belt clip or saddle rail mount for maximum visibility.