Nothing makes grim-weather riding more painful or dangerous than frozen fingers. Stay warm and dry this winter with our pick of six pairs of finger friends.

Inka and Exercises Photograph: Rosie Hallam

1) Altura Night Vision Waterproof Gloves £34.99

If you want maximum visibility for urban signalling and safety these reflective print gloves are an obvious choice. The long cuff with Velcro closer tab works inside or outside a jacket to stop draughts and drips, while there’s a reasonable amount of insulation without affecting feel. Medium- to high-intensity riding steams them up, which drops their insulation value, so don’t rely on them to stay warm for more than a couple of hours in grim conditions.

2) Mavic Cosmic Pro Wind £42

This slick-looking French glove gives maximum control feedback complete with thumb and forefinger panels for working touchscreen devices. The lightly padded, silicon gripper palm is comfortable for longer, rougher rides and the grip panel is double reinforced too.

The mixed softshell and thin neoprene upper is impressively sweat free. Slim extended cuffs fit easily into sleeves but there’s not much protection if the temperature or rain starts falling.

3)  Pearl Izumi Thermal Conductive Glove £24.99

These lightly protective gloves are great. Adding a thin liner under the easy stretch, thin softshell fabric makes them surprisingly warm without restricting fit or feel. The forefinger tips work with touchscreens, and the extensive silicon palm and finger panels mean excellent grip even on untaped extensions.

While medium rain will soon penetrate, they dry quickly so they stay warm in showery conditions. They’re durable and good value too.

Inka and Exercises Photograph: Rosie Hallam

4)  Endura FS-260 Pro Nemo £27.99

If it’s absolutely rinsing it down, neoprene gloves keep you warmer for longer, and these ones from Endura are the best we’ve used. The fit is spot on: snug enough to stop cold spots or lack of feel, but not so tight they restrict blood flow. Plus they’re thick enough to insulate without affecting mobility.

The palm, thumb and fingers are fully silicon dotted for confident grip even on wet untaped bars. They’re durable at an excellent price.

5)  Castelli Leggenda £55

These aren’t Castelli’s most weatherproof gloves but they offer luxurious comfort down to frost point on drier days. The fleece liner extends a long way up the wrist thanks to the stretchy soft cuffs, while the lightweight two layer AirFlex softshell fabric gives a “barely there” sensation .

A tacky silicon rubber print covers the palm, fingers and thumb for next level bike sensation and security. Add the slim Poron XRD heel-padding for shock and vibration reduction and they’ll soon seem like a wise investment.

6) Gore-Tex GTX-1 £59.99

Gore-Tex take their reputation extremely seriously and these are the only gloves we’ve used that are genuinely waterproof for prolonged rain. The wrap-around cuff adds warmth, and seals inside or outside your jacket sleeve.

They don’t need much insulation to keep you cosy so you’ll rarely sweat enough to defeat the Gore-Tex breathability and end up damp from the inside. They’re still thin enough to retain good bike feel and control and there is grip and wear-boosting panels on the palms.