Whether you’re splashing out on a wetsuit or rolling up for a new set of wheels, we’ve tested the best triathlon gear of 2014 to shape your 2015 choices.

Our great sport has many attractive features, not least of which is the abundance of kit it allows us to play with. Of course, you can start racing triathlon with an old shopper bike, surf wetsuit and bargain bin trainers, but if you choose to spend a bit more there are plenty of ways to buy performance, speed and comfort in triathlon. Over the last year we’ve tested hundreds of pieces of kit to find the best all-round performers for your hard-earned money – here’s what walked away with our Gold Award in 2014.

Gear of the year 2014: Tri Bars

Best clip-on tri bars
Zipp Vuka Alumina

Zipp’s ‘Vukafit’ free app converts your cockpit dimensions into the Zipp components to replicate that fit. [These offer] lightweight big pad, big mileage comfort, at a great price.”

Guy Kesteven (Issue 70)

Gear of the year 2014: Everyday Trainers 

Best everyday trainers
Skechers Gorun Ultra

“Incredibly comfortable, yet light and flexy, the Ultras are a fantastic partner on long runs… [this] shoe sets a benchmark for how an everyday training shoe can perform.” 

Tom Ballard (Issue 66)


Gear of the year 2014: bike computer

Best budget bike computer
Boardman 22

“With 22 functions including cadence and an altimeter, it provides the most relevant information for those on a training mission. While setting up the computer took time, it was easy to do and it’s straightforward to use. Combine it with a heart-rate monitor strap and you’ll need little else for bike training.”

Tom Marvin (Issue 63)


Gear of the year 2014: Energy Drink

Best energy drink

Torq Energy 2:1
£13.99 for 500g

“Great tasting, easy drinking clean energy, at a good price if you buy big. The wide range of fruit and vanilla flavours taste great and sneak in a decent electrolyte boost without any gagging.”

Guy Kesteven (Issue 65)

Gear of the year 2014: Low-priced wetsuit

Best lower-priced wetsuit
Zoot Z-Force 1.0


“Punches well above its price in terms of performance – an exceptional entry-level suit… You’re not paying for any pointless special features, just getting a fast, flexible and buoyant suit at a great price.”

Tom Ballard (Issue 67)


Gear of the year 2014: High-End Wetsuit

Best high-end wetsuit
Nineteen Rogue


“Extraordinary flexibility and performance at a price that should scare bigger manufacturers. The range-topping Rogue has ultra-supple shoulders to make long swims chore free with no barriers to an efficient, natural stroke. Stability around the hips and torso is superb.”

Tom Ballard (Issue 68)

Gear of the year 2014: Tri Bike Shoe

Best tri bike shoe
Bont Riot TR


“Bont’s new £100 Riot has genuinely blown the rest of the competition out of the water with an ultra-light, pro level, heat-moulded custom fit performance to our Overall winner title… The fact that it took a lot of checking of websites and packing notes to believe it really is £100 says a lot.”

Guy Kesteven (Issue 64)

Gear of the year 2014: All-in-one tri-suit

Best all-in-one tri suit
Tyr Competitor

“There’s a definite sense of extra speed while swimming… The bike pad is the best here – plenty of padding for Ironman racing but very slim in the centre to avoid chafing on the run… A brilliant suit with rear and front zip options, ultra comfy pad and great attention to detail.”

Tom Ballard (Issue 69)

Gear of the year 2014: racing wheels

Best racing wheels
Reynolds Assault/Strike combo

“Sweet handling, smoothness and a speed boosting dual depth double act at a great price.”

Guy Kesteven (issue 71)


Gear of the year 2014: racing tyre

Best racing tyre
Continental GP4000S II 25C


“We pushed them to the edge trying to find the weak link but the excellent Black Chili tread compound grips as surefootedly as ever… Conti’s evolved GrandPrix 4000S is faster, smoother, grippier and a clear winner here.”

Guy Kesteven (Issue 62)