Trigon TR437 aero road bike put through its paces in our four ride review

Trigon TR437

First Ride

Taiwanese brand Trigon isn’t yet widely known in the UK but the TR437 isn’t without pedigree; we were impressed by its RQC-29 sibling two years ago. The TR437 is an aero road bike with slender airfoil tube shapes, aero seatpost and TRP TTV brakes tucked out of the wind behind the fork and BB. The build is up to you; our test bike came with SRAM Force 22 and the importer’s in-house brand £699 Cero RC50 carbon clincher wheels.

Fast Ride

Fast is what the TR437 does best. Trigon makes no claims for its aerodynamic properties, but we think it should be tested in a wind tunnel sharpish. While not exactly a scientific test, we did our fastest ever three-hour ride on this bike (21.4mph if you’re wondering) so we don’t doubt that it’s genuinely aero. It’s fun to ride hard, responding keenly to your every effort. The wheels feel quick, too.

Hilly Ride

Aero road bikes with more traditional airfoil tube shapes are often flexy or heavy (with extra material to combat the flex), or even both. However, the Trigon weighs just 7.3kg, making it the lightest aero road bike at this price, and it’s also very stiff under power. The wheels are light for aero clinchers
and while they’re not very stiff that’s only an issue
if you’re going nuts out of the saddle, and why would you do that in a bike leg?

Long Ride

Development of aero road bikes has yet to free them of compromise entirely. The TR437 manages to be light and stiff but the ride is very firm and the alloy cockpit transmits the road unfiltered. Thankfully the seatpost takes out some of the sting. The wheels are stable so you won’t have to fight them constantly. If you want to run wider rims you’ll need the Shimano direct-mount brake option as the fiddly TRPs don’t open wide enough.