Wink Bar is a connected, easy to install handlebar that aims to make every bike smarter and every bike ride safer. Suitable for every type of bicycle, the handlebars combine powerful headlights for road visibility with GPS, which allows for both turn-by-turn navigation and anti-theft capabilities.

The Wink Bar is available in two easy to install models, Flat and Urban, and provides an all-in-one solution for bike riders, addressing the main problems cyclists face:

Road safety – integrated 225 lumen headlights, which switch on automatically once it becomes dark, making you more visible, especially at night

Navigation – the handlebars connect to an app and once you’ve set a destination, two separate lights will navigate you providing left, right, forward and backward signals, directing you on your route, as well as letting you know if you’re receiving an incoming call or message

Risk of theft – Wink will notify you when your bike is moved without your knowledge, and if it’s ridden without unlocking, Wink will sound a loud alarm. Should your bike be stolen, it will automatically be tracked, so you can locate it and alert the authorities.

You can unlock the Wink Bar using its built-in Bluetooth and the phone app, or through your personal VelcoTag, an RFID fob provided with each handlebar. The Wink Bar’s tracking feature is automatic and provides worldwide coverage. That way it’s always online and your bike is protected and can always be located. The app also allows cyclists to track and access their ride history, showing a breakdown of stats such as money saved versus driving, distance and duration of travel, as well as the calories burned, so you can integrate the data into your fitness profile.

Wink Bar is available to back on Indiegogo, starting at $149 for the super early birds with additional limited quantities available at $179 and $194 thereafter.