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Get the definitive verdict on these new tri bars from Vision in our Vision Mini Clip-On bar review. 

Vision mini clip on bars

Vision Mini Clip-On bar

Vision’s Mini Clip-On isn’t the lightest we’ve tested at 362g, or the most adjustable draft-legal clip-on we’ve tested, but it is one of the easiest to get comfy on, despite the lack of fore and aft adjustment of the arms. This means you might have to get the saw out and trim very carefully to make sure the tips don’t get caught in the brake lever.

The cut-out does keep them very low to the bar for deep drop fans (with optional short pontoons to raise the arm rests if you want) and the slight upward kink gives a good hand position, whether you’re hunkered right down or semi-upright on climbs.

The broad bridge gives a comfy thumb anchor to stop you slipping forwards and it’s great for strapping HRMs onto. What makes this bar especially comfortable though are the flexible waffle back arm pads. These flex enough to rest on the bar tops and, together with quality closed foam pads, reduce the wrist pressure points of mini clips. This makes keeping a prolonged tuck much more comfortable and makes them much more useable. The price is good for the quality too.

A bit heavy and limited adjustment, but great comfort for draft-legal bars.

Performance 4/5
Value 4/5
Overall 4/5

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