Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices, today announced ELEMNT BOLT, the latest model in its growing lineup of powerful and easy-to-use bike computers.

ELEMNT BOLT is the first GPS cycling computer and mount developed as an integrated system designed to drastically reduce drag. When tested against leading competitors using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the ELEMNT BOLT system reduced air resistance by over 50 percent – equating to a 12.6 second time reduction over a 40-kilometer time trial course for a rider traveling at 21 miles per hour. ELEMNT BOLT retails for £199.99 and is now available for purchase from wahoofitness.com and leading bike dealers.

Wahoo reinvented how consumers interact with their bike computer with the Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computer, launched last Spring. The ELEMNT leverages a powerful companion app to simplify setup and customisation, and incorporates game-changing features such as ‘Perfect View’ zoom and ‘Quicklook’ LED Indicators.

Now, Wahoo is addressing the unique needs of the performance-driven rider with the new ELEMNT BOLT. The ELEMNT BOLT pairs the ELEMNT’s groundbreaking ease-of-use and powerful performance with a form factor designed to blend seamlessly with the bike. Wahoo collaborated with world-renowned cycling aerodynamics expert Dimitris Katsanis to develop and test the ELEMNT BOLT. Katsanis played a crucial role in designs used by British Cycling and the winning Team Sky road bikes and TT bikes ridden in the Tour de France in 2015 and 2016.

Using a high-contrast 2.2-inch display and QuickLook LEDs introduced on the ELEMNT, the ELEMNT BOLT provides riders with easy, at-a-glance access to pertinent ride data, as well as call, text and email notifications. ELEMNT BOLT is equipped with WiFi for over-the-air updates and both ANT+ and Bluetooth, allowing it to connect to sensors of all kinds and the most popular electronic shifting systems.

As with the Wahoo ELEMNT, all data fields and page configurations on the ELEMNT BOLT can be customised via the ELEMNT companion app available for both iOS and Android. The app also automates the pairing process for fast, frustration-free set-up and personalisation.

Pre-loaded with maps from around the world, the ELEMNT BOLT also seamlessly integrates with popular cycling platforms like Strava Live Segments, Best Bike Split Race Plans, and Ride With GPS.


This is currently being tested by the Triathlon Plus team and they will tell you all about it in the next issue of the magazine.