Waterfi, a San Diego swimming electronics company has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign to bring streaming music to the pool.

The Waterfi Swimcast is Google’s Chromecast Audio, enhanced with waterproofing, equipped with a battery and paired with waterproof headphones so swimmers can enjoy Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, or any of the other hundreds of audio apps that work with the Chromecast, while they swim.

For the last 7 years Waterfi had been waterproofing Apple’s most popular fitness MP3 player the iPod Shuffle. In the age of owning digital media, the iPod was king, and when waterproofed it was a great addition to any swim. As music streaming services continue to grow in popularity however swimmers have been looking for their next generation device, something to give the full catalogs of streaming services in a light waterproof package, and with the success of this Kickstarter campaign, the Swimcast can be that device.

The Waterfi Swimcast is powered by Google’s Chromecast Audio which has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews since it’s release. “Utilizing Wifi instead of bluetooth allows the Swimcast much better reception and better than CD quality sound, even underwater” said Director of Engineering Eren Yar. Waterfi seeks to raise $30,000 over the next 20 days to begin production and scale up manufacturing so swimmers everywhere can hit the pool with their favorite streaming apps before next summer.

About Waterfi

Since 2010, Waterfi has been working to bring people all around the world electronic gadgets they can use underwater. After several years as an engineer developing products for various biotech firms in San Diego, Waterfi founder and president Royce Nicholas created a unique waterproofing solution and began applying it to the Apple iPod Shuffle. Motivated by the ability to free people’s electronics from the boundaries of dry land, Royce expanded his process to more electronic gadgets including many products from Fitbit, Apple, and Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

After years of working with swimmers. Waterfi saw first hand that swimmers needs are often overlooked by the tech community. Beginning in 2016 Waterfi has sought to create all new tech devices, designed around swimmers’ unique needs and demands. With the upcoming release of the Waterfi Swimcast joining the already launched Waterfi Swim Tracker and Waterfi SwimActive Headphones their mission to make this a more Waterific world is in full swing.

See the Kickstarter here.