We review the latest Wattbike Trainer

Wattbike Trainer 2013 reviewWattbike Trainer 2013

This upgraded indoor bike might seem an extravagant addition to your collection of rides, but having used one for the last four months, we can attest that this is much more than a winter stand-in. The new edition of the Wattbike Trainer has a revamped computer and changes to the handlebars.

The computer gives the same detailed breakdown of your pedalling technique, power output and heart rate as the older version; you can download that data for further analysis afterwards. But the user experience is vastly improved with real-time updates – previously a time lag on the Polar View made for a disconcerting experience when working on technique – and the ability to sign in at the press of a button, so different users can store their data separately.

Compatibility has been improved, so with ANT+ users can link not only to heart-rate belts but to a range of apps to help you get more out of your training. With the newly shaped bar, the bike feels even more like a standard road ride. Yes, it’s a good option on dark, icy mornings – but it’s also a time-efficient, precise and detailed way to improve on the bike all year round.

There’s no ignoring that this comes at a price, and spending more than most of us do on our race bike on something you can’t even take outside will be impossible for many people. But if you can afford it, and you do want to make those technique and fitness improvements, this is a very worthwhile investment.