Finding the best wetsuit for triathlon can be hard so we’ve collated all our triathlon wetsuit info into this guide.

Wetsuits for triathlon are different from watersports wetsuits in several crucial ways.

Triathlon wetsuits are typically thinner and more flexible to allow easy arm movement for an unimpeded stroke. This usually means they use higher grades of neoprene known for their stretchiness.

Wetsuits designed for triathlon also have panels – or the full suit – made from slick skin material to help swimmers glide through the water more easily. Such panelling also reduces the absorbency of the neoprene, keeping extra weight to a minimum.

Triathlon wetsuits vary greatly in price, but more expensive wetsuits aren’t necessarily better for you than cheaper ones. It all depends on your swimming style, flexibility and buoyancy.

Some wetsuits for triathlon have thicker neoprene – or extra aerated neoprene – in the legs or chest to balance triathletes (typically cyclists with chunky legs) in the water.

Other triathlon wetsuits feature significantly thinner panels for those who are naturally neutral in the water and just want the ability to produce a clean stroke.

Wetsuits are also designed to keep you warm and this is worth remembering when picking a suit. Most feature a jersey layer on the inside to aid insulation, increase comfort and reduce chafing.

Triathlon wetsuit fitting can be tricky. The suit should be snug but not too tight and fit across the chest without constricting breath. You might need to try on a few different manufacturers’ triathlon wetsuits before finding the right one – and remember that online size charts are not sacrosanct – every triathlete’s body is different.

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