Wheelscience announce the launch of their reduced price high performance, all carbon fibre bike wheels (approx. £750). The new wheels are available in the UK with free shipment and personal advice here.

Wheelscience was established by Peter Coombe in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. The specific aim was to leverage his experience in the international automotive supply chain to deliver superior performance bike wheels to the market, minus the sky-high price tags.

Three years post launch this has been achieved: “We have had our wheels put through their paces by some outstanding athletes all over the world, so we know that they provide the performance and quality that our customers demand” said Wheelscience founder Peter Coombe.

“We have been working with a number of race series globally, including the Castle Triathlon Series for the UK market, whilst gathering feedback on our customers’ needs and the message was very clear” he said. “Quality and performance, without the nose bleed prices. We are now confident that we can deliver all the performance, at ½ the price”

Wheelscience rider Chris “Hoppo” Hopkinson, multiple World 24hr TT champion had this to say of the wheels: “Absolutely Amazing Wheels. Have completed Solo Race Across America on them and won multiple UMCA World Titles on them too! I did a 3hr 47min 100mile (160km) TT on them. All the performance, half the price is the perfect description!”

Commenting on relying solely on the ‘online’ sales channel Peter said; “Wheels are the perfect high value online purchase for the athlete seeking an upgrade in their equipment.  The removal of both distributors and retailers from the supply chain means that the customer saves a huge amount of money without any compromise on quality.  Add to that our partnership program (where people involved in the cycling and triathlon worlds can team up with us). We are looking forward to seeing the message spread: You can have all the performance at ½ the price.”

UK triathletes sporting the Wheelscience wheels include Tom Higgins and Matt Leeman.

See the new wheels and full range here.