Baron Biosystems, the company behind Xert, launched the Xert Segment Hunter this week- a new app designed to help cyclists pace & KOM/QOM their favourite ‘segment’, course or time-trial.

Xert Segment Hunter

The app uses Xert’s advanced algorithms to determine the ideal power a rider should target in real-time to guide them throughout the segment. It is the first software to use a rider’s live power output and known fitness parameters to do this. The app is available on the Garmin Connect IQ Store and can be used with a variety of their wearables and bike computers including the Fenix 5, Fenix 5s, Edge 1030, 1000, 820, 520, as well as the new Edge 520 Plus and the Edge 130.

“This new app showcases another use of Xert’s advanced analytics: to hunt for segments or pace a time trial. By modelling a rider’s fatigue in real-time, we can adjust their power targets on-the-fly to help them deliver their best performance,” says Xert’s Founder, Armando Mastracci. “This is a totally new way to have fun with segments, and we’re also seeing our early adopters use it to pace themselves through time-trials.” 

The Xert Segment Hunter runs as a Garmin datafield allowing it to be part of every activity an athlete records. As a rider begins a segment the app provides power targets on a colour-coded background to easily guide the athlete; the algorithm then adjusts the rider’s power targets in real-time to help them achieve a breakthrough-on-the-line, a new concept coined by Xert, which means to reach exhaustion as the athlete crosses the finish line of the segment, time-trial or effort.

“The concept of a breakthrough-on-the-line has been intuitively understood for years but never before has an athlete had a tool to guide – and push – them to reach exhaustion right on the finish line. We’re the first to provide technology to support this essential part of pacing and performance,” says Armando Mastracci.