Xterra’s Lava Pants swimming buoyancy shorts tested, rated and reviewed

Xterra Lava Pants ReviewXterra Lava Pants


These buoyant neoprene swimming cut-offs from Xterra were easy to get on and stayed in place well thanks to the drawstring waistband. Some water did flush down the back of the shorts after enthusiastic push-offs, but nothing too excessive.

The extra buoyancy was immediately obvious, holding up your legs and letting you focus on your upper-body stroke mechanics, though body roll seemed slightly flattened without consciously exaggerating this area. Generally the Lava Pants work in a similar way to a pullbuoy, but with the benefit of being able to use a kick to balance as in open water.

This is great for long endurance swims, but less practical if you’re wanting to swap between pool toys during different sets. The £99 asking price is steep for similar effectiveness as a pull buoy and they also got quite warm, which may hinder some athletes taking on iron-distance swims in the pool.