This offering from Zefal has its faults but is a pump that could last you a lifetime…

Triathlon Reviews - Bike Pumps£59.99

Taking it all on its broad beech-wood shoulders is this retro, but ultra-reliable pump from Zefal. There are some things about the Husky that are crap – the extra Presta valve chuck leaks badly. Secondly, the pressure dial is on the foot, and it’s not big enough to see clearly.

However, the actual pump performance blows everything else away. Its stroke is still silky smooth and easy, even after six months of abuse. The springiness of the fold-out wire and rubber foot wings hold the heavy cast base down on to the floor if you’re going for the 200psi max pressure. The beech handle is a beauty and the whole pump is rebuildable, so it’s a lifetime investment.


Some niggles, but still blows more modern pumps away on basic performance.

Performance: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Overall: 4/5