French triathlon gear company ZeroD have launched their range of tri suits and wetsuits at the 2012 Triathlon Show.

ZeroD's new range launched at the Triathlon Show

ZeroD, the small French company whose suits adorn many of the world’s top triathletes have launched their range of tri suits and wetsuits in the UK.

With ZeroD suits already being the secret sartorial weapon behind multiple world and Olympic triathlon champions, the company has grown a strong pedigree in the pro field over its short history in the sport.

This is partly down to the premium nature of the suits which are woven rather than knitted to provide four-way stretchiness and great comfort. There’s also the material itself, which is dubbed Water Wear Weapon and has incredible water resistance. Microscopic hairs mean streams of water slide off the material while it’s also incredibly quick to dry after the swim.

The oSuit, designed for Olympic distance races conforms to all ITU regulations and features a 30cm reverse zip on the back for keeping as cool as possible.

The iSuit adds features needed for longer distances: a zip on the front and mesh material across the ribs for comfort and cooling; a slightly more relaxed fit; and gel pockets on the back and legs.

The range also features two-piece and women specific kit all designed for pro level racing.

ZeroD are also launching two wetsuits: the Atlante and theVanguard. The Atlante caters for beginners and improvers, and features a single panel reaching from wrist to wrist, which ZeroD say gives maximum flexibility and stroke reach. The Vanguard uses Yamamoto 40 neoprene throughout as well as featuring some of the most agressive wrist and shin catch panels we’ve ever seen on a wetsuit – all designed to help you go even faster.

The range is completed with a host of accessories and casual wear all designed with typical French flair to help make you stand out from the crowd and look stylish too!

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