We review this new fluid replacement electrolyte drink from sports nutrition company Zipvit.

Zipvit ZV0 Electrolyte Drink
£6.99 (20 tablets)
www.zipvitsport.com, www.i-ride.co.uk

Zipvit ZV0 Electrolyte Drink

ZV0 is a low-calorie sports drink with a blend of seven electrolytes that help your body absorb fluid more easily during exercise. They come as individually wrapped fizzy tablets that you drop into 500ml of water, dissolving in seconds. They also contain an amino acid called glutamine, which some researchers believe boosts your immune system and reduces your chances of suffering from overtraining syndrome.

The low-carbohydrate formula is designed to help you become more efficient at using fat as a fuel – although that’s a theory still debated among scientists, coaches and athletes. Still, if you want to put the theory to the test these are some of the best examples we’ve tried. We can’t tell you whether they’ll boost your fat-burning ability, but their natural flavour and electrolytes will certainly quench your thirst.

No hassle, fruity-flavoured diet sports drink that gets to your thirst fast.

Performance 4/5
Value 5/5
Overall 4/5

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