We review the Zoggs 4 Stroke fins, which could improve your swimming technique

Triathlon Gear - Zoggs 4 Stroke Fins Review

Zoggs 4 Stroke Fins

A good set of fins can work wonders for your swimming. Not only do they help you develop a strong kick, but they keep you from sinking when you’re practising technique drills. Unlike most fins, these ones are designed so you can swim all four strokes in them. They felt fast and natural during front crawl and we were soon speeding up and down the pool.

It all changed as soon as we got stuck into some breaststroke. They highlighted our poor kicking technique and made us slower than ever. It’s because their shape encouraged more of a whipping motion than a froggy-style kick. It was frustrating, but if it encourages better technique it’s no bad thing. They’re made from a smooth material that won’t rub your skin, and they’re lightweight and compact too, so they’re easy to carry to the pool. We’d recommend them whether or not you swim all four strokes.