We review the Zone3 buoyancy shorts

Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts

Zone3 Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts

Unique to this British wetsuit company, these smoothskin shorts use five-millimetre neoprene down the front and a three-millimetre thickness on the sides to increase buoyancy without hampering your flexibility in the water.

Designed to replace the pullbuoy by improving body position in the water and simultaneously allowing a natural swim stroke, the shorts also do a great job of emulating the buoyant feeling of a wetsuit while pool swimming but without the self-conscious stares and unbearable overheating that comes with getting suited up indoors.

Once on, the shorts feel comfortable and unrestrictive, though just as with a wetsuit, getting the right size is important. In the water, the effect is really noticeable, making drills and long sessions a breeze without needing extra pool toys. They’re far easier to use than a pull buoy as you don’t have to grip as you swim. The only downside is that it could become easy to rely on them too much.