Ben Turnbull is a 14 triathlete from Hartlepool and attends Manor Academy School, Ben will be attempting to complete 4 triathlons in 1 day, across 4 countries.

Ben has always been given the space to dream big and pursue his sporting goals and he follows his dad into record-breaking as Matt completed 7 iron distance triathlons in 7 days in 2017 raising £10000 for Tiny Lives baby charity. The first English man to do so on British soil.

Ben has had to balance training with school work but manages to get to the gym 4 times a week for up to 90 minutes as well as training with his dad on a weekend upping his time and mileage to cope with 4 triathlons in 1 day.

The Challenge consists of a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run in all 4 home nation countries in one day Ireland, Scotland, England AND Wales. Starting and finishing on Saturday 23rd April. Ben will start in Belfast at around 4.30am before his ferry to Stranraer at 7.30. Once the Scottish leg is complete in Stranraer it’s then on to Carlisle for early evening and a late finish in Buckley, Wales to complete the challenge. There is a lot of travelling between countries and each triathlon is expected to last between 90 minutes and 1 45hrs.

Food, nutrition and hydration have all got to be very precise to get Ben through this day of torture; too little and he will run out of energy and fatigue, too much and he could have gastric issues and sickness.

Kit too has to be perfect; clothing rubbing, blisters, sores, discomfort, flat tyres, mechanical failures all need to be considered and prepared for…..not least the 2 to 3 hr journeys between countries!

Ben was initially doing this challenge just for the Dogs Trust in memory of his beloved dog Pepper who passed away in late 2017, but due to recent events in Europe he wanted to split the charities to try and do some good and bring awareness and funds to the Ukraine crisis so added the British Ukraine Aid charity also.

“I am very nervous about the challenge because there is so much running and I’ve had knee injuries before. I’ve enjoyed the training and have learned lots on my journey. It’s exciting to think no one has ever done this before and I will be the first. I am doing this in memory of my dog Pepper and this will keep me strong knowing that thousands of dogs will be helped. It also means a lot to me that children in Ukraine will be saved by people’s donations and I will remember this when it gets really hard and I’m in pain but I will not quit because finishing this challenge means people’s lives will be saved”. Ben

If you can help in any way with sponsorship then please click on the two just giving links.

If you want to sponsor the event directly and help with the cost, then please contact Matt directly

We would also like lots of local cyclists, runners and triathletes to come and ride and run with Ben on the day at each venue. We will publish exact locations and routes for each country but will make sure to share with local running, cycling and triathlon groups”

Ukraine charity

Dogs Trust charity