Great to chat with age group athlete Thomas McManners, Thomas was the winner of the Castle Race Series Iron distance race “The Bastion” last year (2021)

Thomas talks us through being a self-coached triathlete, the obstacles he has overcome.  What are his tips are for triathlon training, and of course what advice would he have given himself if he started all over again?

Being at the Castle race series festival of endurance in 2021, I know the conditions for the race were far from the normal mid-summer expectations, the rain in the morning was biblical. This meant that a tough bike course was even tough as visibility was reduced and by the time triathletes got to the run, the off-road sections were heavy with mud underfoot. Thomas talks us through how he adapted during the race and focused on changing his mindset.

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Written by:

Stuart Hall

IG – @TriMadness