How do I qualify for the Triathlon Age Group Team?

(Part 1) Focusing on Sprint & Standard Distance Teams. 

One of the most amazing things about triathlon apart from being a great sport is the ability for all home nation members to qualify for the Age group teams. Representing Great Britain in a variety of European and World Championships gives you a chance to test yourself against the best. The question I am asked most often when I tell other triathletes that I’ve qualified for GBR is “How do I qualify for the Triathlon Age Group Team?”.  We have pulled together a simple guide and list of all the qualifying races for sprint and standard in one place for you. 

What Distances are Age Group Teams racing?

It is not just Sprint and Standard Distance triathlons, a whole variety of multisport events are included and every distance possible. Aquathlons, Aquabikes, Duathlons and of course Triathlons.  Paratriathletes have a slightly different pathway which can be found here


How many people can enter each team?

Triathlon and Multisport Age Group Teams are broken down into “age groups” essentially in 5-year increments, each age group gets 20 places (20 for each gender) more than 20 athletes can register and try to qualify.

Registering is different for different events.

Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon and Duathlon Championships

Qualification is via qualifying races with 4 places per age group allocated from the qualifying race. See below for the calendar of qualifying races. 

Middle, Long, Cross, Winter, Aquabike and Aquathlon Championships

Qualification is via submitting a race result that meets the criteria outlined on the event webpage. You only register after you have done the race you want to qualify with but, you should read the event webpage before so you know your race meets the desired criteria. Of course, before you do this you need to make sure you are a member of your home nation! 


Qualification Events

Here is a list of all the Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon/Duathlon qualification events to help you qualify for the Triathlon Age Group Team: You must register to qualify on the correct Championship before 5 pm on the Friday before the qualifying race to be eligible to qualify, you can do this by heading to the event on the BTF age group event pages and hit the register button. 

Read the qualification info for each race, apart from getting on the podium you usually are required to be within a percentage of the winner of your age group time. If you get a qualifying time you’ll get an email from the age group team manager congratulating you on qualifying (this can be a while after the race) you may have had a quick enough time but others were quicker, you’ll have a time against your name and be on the “roll down” waiting for those ahead of you to decide if they are taking up the slot. 

The events are as follows.


2023 World Championship Sprint Distance Duathlon 


Mallory Park Sprint Duathlon* – 06.03.2022 – Race Rapid

Oulton Park Duathlon* – 20.03.2022  – OP Events

Thruxton Duathlon* – 02.10.2022 – Challenging Events


2023 European Championship Sprint Distance Duathlon 


Clumber Park Duathlon – 23.04.2022 – Tri Society

Slateman Duathlon  – 11.06.2022 – Always Aim High Events

Darley Moor Duathlon  – 18.09.2022 – Crazy Legs Events


2023 World Championship Standard Distance Duathlon 


Clumber Park Duathlon – 23.04.2022 – Tri Society

Grafham Duathlon – 30.10.2022 Active Training World


2023 European Championship Standard Distance Duathlon 


Yorkshire Duathlon – 03.04.2022 – TriHard Events

St. Neots Duathlon – 24.07.2022 – Active Training World

Oulton Park Duathlon – 02.10.2022 – OP Events


2023 World Championship Sprint Distance Triathlon  


Cardiff Triathlon* – 26.06.2022 – Always Aim High Events

M3 Monikie Triathlon Festival – 06.08.2022 – M3 Monifieth Triathlon Club

Box End Triathlon – 03.09.2022 – Active Training World


2023 World Championship Standard Distance Triathlon  


Woodhorn Museum Triathlon – 09.07.2022 –  VO2 Max Racing Events

Shropshire Triathlon – 03.09.2022 – UK Triathlon


2023 European Championship Sprint Distance Triathlon  


Eton Sprints* – 15.05.2022 – Human Race

Eastbourne Triathlon – 12.06.2022 – TriBourne Multisport Events

Woodhorn Museum Triathlon – 09.07.2022 –  VO2 Max Racing Events


2023 European Championship Standard Distance Triathlon  


Southport Triathlon – 22.05.2022 – Epic Events

2022 World Triathlon Leeds – 12.06.2022 – British Triathlon

London Triathlon (Olympic) – 07.08.2022 – Limelight Sports Club


2023 World Championship Standard Distance Aquabike 


Northumberland Triathlon (Standard Distance Aquabike) – 22.05.2022 – VO2 Max Racing Events

Deva Triathlon (Standard Distance Aquabike) – 12.06.2022 – Chester Triathlon Club

Bournemouth International Triathlon (Standard Distance Aquabike) – 11.09.2022 – Challenging Events


The Middle distance duathlon also has 3 qualifying events for 2023 


2023 European Championship Middle Distance Duathlon 

Cholmondeley Triathlon (Middle Distance Duathlon) – 19.06.2022 – Castle Race Series

Castle Howard Triathlon (Middle Distance Duathlon) – 24.07.2022 – Castle Race Series

Box End Triathlon (Middle Distance Duathlon) – 04.09.2022 – Active Training World


For the longer distance triathlons and duathlons, we have a different route to qualify which we will look at in more depth in the next article, these races allow you to submit results however each race has differing caveats attached.  If you are looking to qualify for the Triathlon Age Group Team check out our training plan for getting age group qualification times.


Stuart Hall – Level 1 Coach and Age Grouper.

Instagram – @Trimadness