Boardman Bikes signs Ironman stars Meredith Kessler and Amanda Stevens

Meredith-Kessler - Boardman

Meredith-Kessler will be riding the Boardman AiR/TT 9.4

Boardman Bikes have announced the signing of two truly world-class American triathletes in Meredith Kessler and ‘Doc’ Amanda Stevens. Meredith and Amanda will join Pete Jacobs, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee alongside Drew Scott and Kyle Leto on the Boardman team.

Meredith Kessler said: “I am elated to begin a partnership with Boardman Bikes and have this incredible opportunity to ride such a well respected and results-proven triathlon bike. As my triathlon career has evolved over the years, I have thankfully become more educated with triathlon bikes having realized that they are all not made equal.

“The Boardman bike accolades are well documented and it is paramount to be able to partner with this high caliber of a company – I could not be more grateful. I am looking forward to riding on their stellar bikes in training and competition while trying to take my cycling to the next level under their innovative umbrella!”

Kessler will be riding her new Boardman at this weekend’s Ironman New Zealand race, where she’s looking to defend her 2013 victory.

Amanda Stevens added: “They always say if you want to be the best, then surround yourself with the best. I am also so excited to align myself with the likes of the Brownlee Brothers, Pete Jacobs, and Meredith Kessler for the 2014 season.”

Amanda-Stevens - Boardman

Amanda-Stevens is hoping to get even better on a Boardman bike

Chris Boardman, R&D Director, Boardman Bikes, said: “Our bikes are the result of extensive investment into R&D. The main focus is on aerodynamic advantage – they have been designed to be raced at the highest levels of the sport. With Meredith and Amanda riding the AiR/TT (Aerodynamic Racing) range, we’ll certainly be putting the bikes through their paces on the world’s stage.”

Fletch Newland, North American Sales Director, said: “Increasing our profile and outreach in North America is a big ambition for the brand and by signing Meredith and Amanda we have two incredible female athletes racing our AiR products across North America and beyond.”

Meredith and Amanda will be riding frames from the world-classBoardman Elite Series Aerodynamic Racing platform – AiR/TTE and AiR/TT’s – competing in 70.3’s and Ironmans across the world and with plans to go for the win at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year.

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