Challenge Almere-Amsterdam to host the ETU European Long Distance Triathlon Championships in 2014

Challenge Amsterdam 2013 Susan Blatt

Susan Blatt took the honours in the 2013 women’s race (Photo Charlie Crowhurst/

The European Triathlon Union (ETU) and Challenge Family announced Challenge Almere-Amsterdam will host the 2014 ETU European Championship Long Distance Triathlon Championships on 13 September, 2014.

Almere, is Europe’s oldest long distance race and hosted the first European Championships in 1985, and again in 1991,1999 and 2006.

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is the third Challenge Family race to host the long distance championships, sharing the honour with DATEV Challenge Roth and Challenge Vichy since the partnership between ETU and Challenge Family began in 2012.

Race director, Richard Belderok, said: “The Challenge Almere organizing committee is very pleased to be part of this legacy. It is our goal to attract a significant number of athletes to this historic event from all over the world, as well as of course reaching the international media.”

Flevoland Deputy King’s Commissioner Jaap Lodders is enthusiastic about the announcement. He said: “The European Championships at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam are a great boost for the event. It fits seamlessly in the Flevoland policy of triathlon as focus sport. Flevoland breathes triathlon!”

Challenge Family CEO, Felix Walchshöfer, added: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with ETU into 2014 together with Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.

“For us, this partnership reflects our commitment to working together with the sport’s governing bodies to ensure triathlon continues to enjoy a strong and healthy future. It’s an honour to see, nearly thirty years after the inaugural event, the European Championships returning to their birthplace in Almere under the Challenge banner.”

Renato Bertrandi, President of the ETU, said: “I am happy to confirm that our Executive Board has decided to continue working with Challenge in the Long Distance events. We have had positive results over the last two years and we confirm the successful partnership for the next seasons.

“I am extremely happy that the European  Long Distance Championship will be held in Almere, a well known venue to all our European Long Distance athletes: I am sure that the local organiser will create a great event. See you all there!”

Henk van Lint, President NTB said, “This is great news for long distance in the Netherlands and what a great step for the young Challenge Almere-Amsterdam LOC, they deserve to host this new top event and we are looking forward to this European Championship together with the Dutch Championships Long Distance as well!”

“The triathlon is in the DNA of our community. Hundreds of volunteers have put the triathlon in Almere back on the international sports map. The success lies in acting as a family: together with volunteers, companies, sport clubs, local government and sponsors we made a big improvement with our event by working with the Challenge Family. Hosting the ETU European Championships is a reward to all of us,” said Renee Peeters, Alderman City Almere.

The official ETU European Long Distance Triathlon Championships will take place at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam on 13 September, 2014. Challenge Almere will also play host to the 2014 Dutch Championships.

Challenge and ETU are also continuing their partnership for the European Middle Distance Championships which will take place in Mallorca on 18 October, 2014.