Newly formed company RaceMakers aims to strengthen the future of Challenge Denmark by increasing the number of international competitions.

“More to come” is promosied following Challenge Tønsberg 2016

RaceMakers is founded by Race Director of Challenge Denmark, Claus Vesterby, and the owner of, Jacob Sonne-Schmidt.

RaceMakers is based in Herning and will be responsible for the daily operation of Challenge Denmark and Challenge Norway, as well as other triathlon related activities. One of the most significant parts of the new company will be selling race supplies and merchandise to other Challenge Family events around Europe.

The cooperation between Claus Vesterby and Jacob Sonne-Schmidt began with the conduct of Challenge Billund-Herning 2015.

RaceMakers has already announced Challenge Fredericia and Challenge Tønsberg in Norway for August 2016 and the company is committed to activities with an international perspective.

“Right now our race supply and merchandise initiatives is being presented to rallies around Europe, and we have several international initiatives for later this year,” stated Jacob Sonne-Schmidt.