With more than 150 entries carried out in October and after receiving numerous requests to establish new forms of payment for the 2018 edition of Challenge Madrid, the management has decided to establish a form of installment payments.

“Our motivation is to listen to the triathletes and adapt to their needs” says Juanan Fern├índez, responsible in Spain for the Challenge franchise. With this pioneering initiative in our country, the objective of Challenge Madrid is to provide more facilities so that more Spanish and international triathletes can experience the Challenge Family experience.


The triathlete when making his registration during the month of November, December or January, may choose the split payment option, which will be divided into three payments during the three months following the month of the first payment made. Payments can be made at the time most convenient to each triathlete (within the established months) and there will always be three payments of 33% of the published price of the section in which the registration is made.

For more information, please visit the website.

Photography: Jose Luis Hourcade