In a bid to champion age-group athletes, CHALLENGEFAMILY is proud to announce that it has launched a global search to find inspirational athletes with ambitions to compete at THECHAMPIONSHIP race.

“Using the hashtags #ChallengeYourself and #JoinTheFamily, we want you to tell us why you ‘tri’ – or nominate someone who is extraordinary – and deserves to be recognised as an everyday hero,” says Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of CHALLENGEFAMILY.

The popular global triathlon series welcomes individuals to put themselves forward with a simple tweet highlighting exceptional achievements and examples of showing strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Inspiring athletes already competing in the distinguished race include cancer survivor Marcus Ziemann (DE), who has an impressive ten races already pencilled in this year, including THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018. A true example of an athlete fighting against the odds, Marcus has been racing with a pacemaker ever since he suffered a heart palpitation after completing a marathon in Stockholm over a decade ago. He has since competed in over 25 global long-distance races, and his motto and advice for everyone is to “never give up”.

Mario Hoffmann (SK), owner and brainchild behind the stunning x-bionic® sphere where THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018 will be hosted, is another inspirational athlete competing in this year’s race. Once a member of the Slovak national canoeing team, the endurance enthusiast proves that anything is possible, which he has demonstrated by successfully making the transition from canoeing to top-level triathlon.

Paving the way for the mature athletes in the lineup is Heinz Bauer (DE) – the oldest athlete who has qualified for this year’s championship race (in addition to last year’s). At 73 years old, Heinz proves that age is just a number, for the multi-sports enthusiast is a 2X Powerman Zofingen duathlon World Champion. Heinz’s triathlon career includes an impressive 21 Ironman triathlon finishes and starting twice in Kona.

“Each athlete has undergone their own personal journey, and speaking with these remarkable individuals really shows that our prestigious event is one that can be enjoyed by triathletes of all ages, experiences and backgrounds” Zibi continues. “We are  proud to recognise and invite further inspiring and confident individuals to share their stories.”

Now in its second iteration, THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018 will take place on 3rd June 2018 at the extraordinary x-bionic® sphere in Samorin, Western Slovakia.

Eight qualifier races remain for competitors ahead of the event in Samorin, with the next race, CHALLENGEROMA, taking place on 15th April 2018 in Roma, Italy.

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