Chrissie Wellington has suffered some painful looking road rash while out on a training ride less than two weeks before taking to the start line in Kona.The three-time Ironman World Champion tweeted confirmation of the crash: “Long story short: Front flat tyre, cornered, came off, nothing broken, very battered, bruised and bloody. But still full of fight.”

Then, in typical Chrissie style, she added: “And plus, at least my skin matches the colour of my race kit. :)”

Finally, to make clear her intentions and allay worries about the seriousness of the injuries, she tweeted: “The body is capable of amazing things. I WILL be on the start line. Thanks to all who contacted me: your words truly are healing wounds. :)”

If you’ve a strong stomach, you can view a couple of pics of the injuries at

So the triathlon world breathes a sigh of relief at Chrissie’s determination to race in Kona this year, and to help with her recovery (and yours), we’ve got a look at how to treat road rash. is the online home of Triathlon Plus, the world’s best triathlon magazine, featuring triathlon training plans, race reports, gear reviews, pro interviews and loads more. Subscribe now to save money and have every issue delivered to your door.