Four-time Ironman World Champion, Chrissie Wellington, launched her new range of Audiofuel sports music at an exclusive event at Bespoke Cycles in Farringdon last night.

Chrissie spoke of her drive to use sport as a platform for change

The range, Tri Harder, is a series of thumping audio programmes designed to motivate you to get out the door, run faster and blitz your static bike sessions, all with coaching from Chrissie herself. There’s also a soothing ‘Relax’ session to help you unwind after the tough intervals on ‘Run Faster’ and ‘Ride Harder’.

The aim of the range, which Audiofuel have designed ti suit triathletes, runners and cyclists of all abilities, is to provide inspiration to go harder, faster and longer than athletes ever thought possible, really testing the limits to help you go faster on race day.

Having had the chance to get our hands, and ears, on the new range, we can say that the sessions, which vary in length for each discipline, really challenge you to keep the cadence up and push through the pain. This is thanks to Audiofuel’s music, which leaves you with no choice but to get running to the beat, and Chrissie’s motivational shouts and training tips. Far from being contrived, these actually make you think about your physical and mental responses to the activity you’re trying to master.

In one surreal moment, Chrissie ran on a treadmill while Chrissie shouted encouragement!

Speaking to, Chrissie said: “There’s nothing like it and I was just building on what people basically asked of me. They’ve said, ‘You’ve got to do a motivational DVD, we want to hear your voice when training!’ And I’d say, ‘Really?’

“So, I was speaking to the guys at Audiofuel and Universal Music and we thought, ‘Right, we’ll make this package’.

“I think it just combines a lot of the things I’m interested in: a little bit of coaching, a lot of motivation and also giving people that personal connection with me.

“I’m really happy with the result, I hope people can appreciate just how much has gone into it, because it was very, very time intensive! I’m really excited and hopefully people will find it useful, not just in terms of motivation, but also coaching advice.”

After the press launch, 100 lucky fans, who won tickets in a charity raffle, had the chance to meet Chrissie, who held a Q+A session and signed posters and photos. Visit Audiofuel’s website for more details on Tri Harder.

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