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CUBE has confirmed that they will be at the UK’s premier cycling exhibition, the London Bike Show 2013.

Cube bikesBike manufacturer CUBE have confirmed that they will be attending the London Bike Show 2013. The CUBE booth is expected to be bigger and better than ever before with more than 35 CUBE bikes (including the whole Litening and Agree Series) along with a wide range of accessories and clothing will be displayed at the CUBE booth (LB920).

In addition, the RCUK test track will enable everybody to test the newest bikes including the CUBE Litening SHPC Pro.

The revolutionary CUBE Stereo Super HPC 160 SLT will be displayed as part of the Cool Wall display, which includes a selection of the most innovative and coolest bikes in the industry.

TEAM CUBE will be at the CUBE booth from 17 of January until 20of January at the London Bike Show. Keep an eye on CUBE’s Facebook page for special London Bike show promotions.