Biomarker tracking experts, Forth Edge, are delighted to announce the launch of their “Affiliate Programme”.

The exciting new programme offers a number of special benefits for affiliated partners, who have the ability to earn commission and offer a personalised service for their customers using a tailored and bespoke technology platform. The first of it’s kind; it’s the perfect way for a business owner to differentiate themselves from their closest competitors.

Alison Pearce, Director of the Forth Edge Affiliate Partner Programme is really looking forward to the official launch and she says,

“I’m really excited about the opportunity this offers Affiliate Partners – to extend a new innovative biomarker tracking service adding value for their customers, integral and easy to manage within their business. Powered by Forth’s platform and established processes with accredited labs, the service is tailored for each partner and made available via an easy to use affiliate portal with branded logo and range of selected tests, specific to each partner’s client base. As a partner, the portal allows you to manage your customers, purchase tests on their behalf from either our Forth Edge & Forth With Life services and view results on consent. Customers also have ‘peace of mind’ regarding the sharing of their information and results thanks to a built-in permissions system.”

A select number of Forth Edge partners are already using the programme and feedback has already been incredibly positive, leading the team to welcome more partners to join. One of the first brands to come on board was triathlon-coaching business Tri Specific.

Dylan Morris of Tri Specific says,

“We are both proud and excited to announce our partnership with biomarker tracking provider, Forth Edge. TriSpecific is an evolution of Cycle Specific, a coaching company that over two years has coached and guided hundreds of clients to achieve their goals, irrespective of the level at which they compete. To meet the needs of our clients, TriSpecific has aligned with quality, reputable companies offering the same excellent and personal service for nutrition, rehabilitation and clearly, we are delighted to include Forth Edge for the inside-out analysis with biomarker testing and tracking. 

This is a great opportunity for all our clients to take advantage of every asset available to help them achieve their goals.”

Interested in finding out more?

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For more information about the affiliate programme contact Alison Pearce via